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The Full Story


Hello, My name is Saeede Kamone and I am a mother of two children. I was a Computer engineer but started my career in the insurance business in 2013 when I was new immigrant to Canada. I am Licensed to sell In British Colombia and Alberta. My primary objective is to assist and provide knowledge to my clients, be their individuals, families, or business proprietors, on safeguarding their financial well-being for retirement or in the event of injury or illness.


My mission as a Financial consultant and family oriented  is to empower individuals, families, and businesses to achieve their financial goals and secure their financial future. This is accomplished through personalized guidance, expert advice, and strategic planning, aiming to optimize financial well-being, protect against unforeseen challenges, and promote long-term financial security.


My Vision is to be a trusted partner and a beacon of financial wisdom in the lives of their clients. They aspire to create a future where financial security is a reality for all, where individuals and businesses make informed, prudent financial decisions, and where their expertise contributes to a world where economic well-being is widespread and sustainable.

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